True Value

Often times, young people never truly value and appreciate the world around them. The environment and visiting other countries seems like a burden and a waste of time. In my case, this was certainly true. I had always preferred staying indoors, not realizing the sights I was missing out on. I started to really open my eyes to the environment when my family and I went to Hawaii. I was fairly young and don’t remember much but I remember the beautiful beaches there. When we returned home, I started going to the beach more often. Slowly but surely, I was beginning to truly appreciate the nature all around the world. On a cruise around the Caribbean, I got to experience some of the best moments in my life. Now, as I get older and older I’ll definitely make sure to go out more and explore the world and the earthly beauty all around. Also, I have made sure to reduce the amount of trash I’m using that could potentially harm the environment because I believe that we should try our best and preserve the natural environment such as the oceans and others.


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