Great Barrier Reef

Often called Australia’s great natural wonder, and for good reason too. The Great Barrier Reef is among of the few places in the world that houses such divine beauty and best of all, it’s in the beautiful sky-blue ocean. Many people say that the best time to visit the great barrier reef is between mid-April to early June, so the time right now is ripe for visiting. Once you visit the reef, you’ll see clearly what true beauty in nature means. You can go snorkeling or diving down into the beautiful ocean to observe the diverse fishes and animals that live there. You can go white water rafting, cruise around in a sailboat, or even take a helicopter above and witness the beauty of it all down below. When it comes to having fun here, there are endless possibilities.

Image result for great barrier reef

Today, some scientists fear that pollution in the ocean and climate change may affect the Great Barrier Reef and its natural wildlife. I’m adding this in to ask that if you do visit the reef to be considerate of the environment and see if you can help in any way, trust me you would not want this beauty to be destroyed! The reef is very important to the ecosystem and lives of many fishes.


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