Norway and Sweden

Norway ,and its bordering country Sweden, not only has a history that dates back to the Viking Age but boasts two extremely beautiful, breath-taking landscapes of nature. These two Nordic countries both have extremely stunning places to visit and do several activities in. In the capital of Sweden, there are countless places to visit about culture or for entertainment. Probably the most famous out of all these places is the Vasa Museum which holds the only intact 17th century war ship. The museum offers a look into what life in the 17th century was like for people living in Sweden.

Image result for stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

In Norway, perhaps one of the most popular places to visit is Geirangerfjord. This beautiful region of land in itself offers many things to do such as hiking, camping, and visiting The Norwegian Fjord Centre. Oslo, the capital of Norway, has places to visit like Frogner Park or the Vigeland Musuem. Frogner Park is a huge park that holds many beautiful sculptures that tourist can admire.

Image result for frogner park
Some of the sculptures in Frogner Park

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