True Value

Often times, young people never truly value and appreciate the world around them. The environment and visiting other countries seems like a burden and a waste of time. In my case, this was certainly true. I had always preferred staying indoors, not realizing the sights I was missing out on. I started to really open my eyes to the environment when my family and I went to Hawaii. I was fairly young and don’t remember much but I remember the beautiful beaches there. When we returned home, I started going to the beach more often. Slowly but surely, I was beginning to truly appreciate the nature all around the world. On a cruise around the Caribbean, I got to experience some of the best moments in my life. Now, as I get older and older I’ll definitely make sure to go out more and explore the world and the earthly beauty all around. Also, I have made sure to reduce the amount of trash I’m using that could potentially harm the environment because I believe that we should try our best and preserve the natural environment such as the oceans and others.

The Breathtaking Baltic

The Baltic States consist of Estonia, Finland, Latvia and last but not least Lithuania. These four countries are often overlooked when people decide where to visit. These countries are some of the most naturally beautiful places in the world and include some of the most fascinating history. The largest city of Riga located in Latvia is the centerpiece of the whole Baltic States.

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In Lithuania there is the municipality  of Neringa. The coastline is naturally beautiful with a blue ocean never seen before.

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Other places to visit in the Baltic include The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania, Kiasma in Finland

Great Barrier Reef

Often called Australia’s great natural wonder, and for good reason too. The Great Barrier Reef is among of the few places in the world that houses such divine beauty and best of all, it’s in the beautiful sky-blue ocean. Many people say that the best time to visit the great barrier reef is between mid-April to early June, so the time right now is ripe for visiting. Once you visit the reef, you’ll see clearly what true beauty in nature means. You can go snorkeling or diving down into the beautiful ocean to observe the diverse fishes and animals that live there. You can go white water rafting, cruise around in a sailboat, or even take a helicopter above and witness the beauty of it all down below. When it comes to having fun here, there are endless possibilities.

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Today, some scientists fear that pollution in the ocean and climate change may affect the Great Barrier Reef and its natural wildlife. I’m adding this in to ask that if you do visit the reef to be considerate of the environment and see if you can help in any way, trust me you would not want this beauty to be destroyed! The reef is very important to the ecosystem and lives of many fishes.

Norway and Sweden

Norway ,and its bordering country Sweden, not only has a history that dates back to the Viking Age but boasts two extremely beautiful, breath-taking landscapes of nature. These two Nordic countries both have extremely stunning places to visit and do several activities in. In the capital of Sweden, there are countless places to visit about culture or for entertainment. Probably the most famous out of all these places is the Vasa Museum which holds the only intact 17th century war ship. The museum offers a look into what life in the 17th century was like for people living in Sweden.

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Stockholm, Sweden

In Norway, perhaps one of the most popular places to visit is Geirangerfjord. This beautiful region of land in itself offers many things to do such as hiking, camping, and visiting The Norwegian Fjord Centre. Oslo, the capital of Norway, has places to visit like Frogner Park or the Vigeland Musuem. Frogner Park is a huge park that holds many beautiful sculptures that tourist can admire.

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Some of the sculptures in Frogner Park


I’ve always wanted to visit Canada. It’s not too far too if you really think about it. The weather there would be really different though, I’m used to more of a dry and warm day but in parts of Canada, it can get really cold. Anyway, one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit is Vancouver. It’s a really beautiful city and I’ve seen some pictures from friends and family but I’ve never been there personally. I’ve also heard of a place called Jasper National Park, it’s supposed to be one of the best places in Canada to go on trips like hiking and camping.

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It’s pretty fascinating to think about Canada. It’s right next to the U.S and it separates Alaska from everything else. It’s also known for some silly stereotypes like maple syrup, hockey, and others. I think one day I’d really like to go to Canada and experience it for myself. Most of the people I know that have been to Canada have only said positive things.

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Great Wall of China

An obvious place to visit, but still a timeless classic. The Great Wall of China has been a wonder in the world since its creation over 2,000 years ago. The wall expands a vast 5,500 miles across beautiful Chinese landscape. The wall has historically been visited by many people, and for good reason. They wall signifies many things such as how the Chinese lived back then and the also the sheer resilience of the Chinese people back then to have built such a wall in such an early time period.

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Visiting the wall not only provides the opportunity to see some breath taking views of the Chinese mountains but also a good walk for the feet. This massive wall has been around since history and will most likely stay around for quite some time.



The wood underneath my feet creaked as I gazed out onto the beautiful green shore of a remote Haitian island. What would appear so small and insignificant on a world map now looked like, in the presence of my shining eyes, as a giant behemoth. I had just gotten back onto the cruise ship after visiting the island. On the deck of the ship, I could see the ship anchored down so tight that I wondered how the ship would ever leave. I heard people who have gone back early (as I did) laughing, playing around in the pools, or relaxing on a lounge chair getting a sun tan.


The sound of the engine roared so thunderous that I thought for sure my ear drums would break. The ship was signalling its imminent departure from shore. A few moments later, after everyone had been back on board, the ship started to take off. I looked off at the island, and what had once seemed so giant to me was getting smaller and smaller by the second. I looked on still as the glaring sun reached the peak of its intensity.

The seagulls and birds flew above me in the blue sky as the ship sailed on. The water on which we were traveling on seemed to stretch on for eternity, without a land mass in sight except for the remote island which was now quickly fading from view. The sound of the waves could be heard colliding against the side of the ship, but the ship did not budge

Photo Dodds 2011 (CC BY-SA 2.0)


A few moments had passed, and now the shore of the island had completely disappeared. All it took was one moment for the great ocean to swallow up the island. It now seemed as if we were stuck in the belly of the ocean, with nothing in sight for miles.


The everlasting ocean made the once green and lively ocean now seem like it had never existed and had been nothing more than an imagination. The calm blueness of the ocean took over my mind and soon I could feel, see, or hear nothing but the ocean that had surrounded us. Surely, we would reach the next island soon, I thought. However, it took almost 3 days for the 22.6 knots, 225,282 ton beast of a ship to reach the sandy shores of the next island.